// Algorithmic mediation in digital platforms: rationality, subjectivity and conduct

19 de August de 2021


This project investigates the algorithmic mediation of experience in digital applications and platforms with the goal of understanding their rationality regimes, as well as their effects on subjectivity and conduct. To this end, it aims to explore three complementary axes. The theoretical-conceptual axis will carry out a review of the notions of mediation and agency in the field of social sciences, proposing its updating for the non-human sphere, especially for algorithmic procedures. In addition, it will undertake a brief genealogy of algorithmic rationality, as well as its effects on subjectivity and conduct. This axis also aims to identify the main psychic and behavioral models used in the algorithmic processes of prediction and modification of behaviors. The methodological axis intends to propose clues for research on algorithmic mediation processes in the field of social sciences and communication. The empirical axis, finally, will conduct case studies on applications that track, analyze and use psychic, behavioral and emotional data to predict and modify behaviors.

Funding: FAPERJ, CNPq and UFRJ.

Coordination: Fernanda Bruno