Article // Body, perception and value in contemporary curatorial thinking

18 de March de 2019

In March 2019, the article “Body, perception and value in contemporary curatorial thinking” written by Ícarro Ferraz Vidal Junior was published in the journal Novos Olhares, v.8 n.2 (USP).

Abstract: This article adopts as its starting point some transformations in the  statutes of body, space and time, formulated from the hegemony of the white  cube as spatial configuration of art exhibitions. Using the concepts of mediality of Müller and Felinto, iconophagy of Baitello Jr., and aura of Benjamin, we propose a genealogical research on art exhibitions at their intersections with a broader media landscape in which the proliferation of images produces profound changes in the statutes of perception and value.

Keywords: Curatorship; Mediality; History of Exhibitions; Body; Aura.

The full article in Portuguese is available at: