Article // The Dividual: Digital Practices and Biotechnologies

14 de October de 2021

Written by Fernanda Bruno and Pablo Manolo Rodríguez, the article “The Dividual: Digital Practices and Biotechnologies” was published in the journal Theory, Culture and Society.


This article revisits the concept of the dividual, taking as a starting point Deleuze’s diagnosis about the relevance that dividual practices have gained with the advent of biotechnology and digital culture. Although we agree with this diagnosis, we highlight the intersections between the dividual and the individual both in Modernity and in the present time. The contemporary dividual is in tension with the modern individual, but not as a substitution, division or duplication of the individual. Rather, we state a complex dividual-individual composition, focusing on biotechnologies, digital culture and financial capitalism. Following a Foucauldian approach, we understand this composition as a result of technologies of power and the result of certain modes of subjectivation. In dialogue with Simondon’s theory of individuation, we suggest that the dividual takes part in a new mode of subjectivation which can be named a ‘dividuation’ in the context of technologically mediated experiences.


algorithms, biomedicine, digital culture, dividual, mode of subjectivation